Since childhood we are guided to behave, talk and think in a certain way. Family, inner circle, school and the whole society around us effects this. These learned models become the subconscious in our minds which leads our lives unconsciously. 

If you have never questioned these learned models of behaving and thinking, you are a sheep shaped by your surroundings.

What kind of a sheep you truly are underneath that shell built on top, you cannot know before you ask strict questions from yourself.


You might think that you know already everything about yourself, but how can you be sure that's the truth? Many of our thoughts and perceptions about ourselves and the world around us are built in our minds already in the early childhood. When you have built an opinion about something in your mind, you probably don't handle information concerning this matter with questioning anymore. 

We handle things, especially the ones causing an emotional reaction, one-sided, and we tend to receive and believe information that supports the opinion we have already made. This is called a confirmation bias.

In the light of this knowledge, can you trust the beliefs you have about yourself? Do you know what makes you happy, what about unhappy? What are your farthest needs, and what only desires created by external effects? What do you experience is the meaning of your own life, and do you do things consciously on it?