Thanks to you, who are MatkallaS - you are a part of us!

We experience the mission as our personal mission in life and carrying it out is extremely inspiring and rewarding! We are endlessly thankful for this privilege of self-actualization. 

MatkallaS story is still in the beginning!

MatkallaS is focused on self-consciousness, self-knowledge and self-development. We experience meaningfulness being important. Our biggest wish is to see a world that's not run by money, greed for power, greediness and selfishness. Companies and individuals would focus on how they can be meaningful for also others than just themselves. MatkallaS has been found from a will, a desire and a need to have an impact on things. MatkallaS wants to be meaningful for you and for the community. We want to show other companies that there are lots of things in the world that are more meaningful things than money.